Uhhmm, Hi there! My name is ddespair, but you can call me DeeDee!
I live in Washington, D.C. as an artist with roots in Classical, Hip Hop, Pop and Rock music. I was raised in Northern Virginia and have been composing since her early days of classical piano. I don’t have any musical training, but I’ve taught myself around the ways of MIDI and the DAW. On top of music, I love to design things. Check out my fashion designs! I’ve also written a book on Amazon under a pen name and produced two documentaries pertaining to Modern Dance and the Wetlands of Northern Virginia under another! I’ve worked with many modern dance companies on visual projections and image design too! When I’m not writing music, I’m usually hanging around Brookland, DC, ..or at any Art going ons. I chose my name as a delightful irony and the “double d” is representative of my non-performing persona, “DeeDee”.

Music has always been important to me. In this day and age, music creation has been transferred from big labels to indie artists. With the advent of the affordable DAW, anyone can make music, and that is a beautiful thing! But it also brought with it this new challenge; to make one’s self stand out! With this new freedom comes a new responsibility and a much deeper pool. I think it’s a good thing, and it’s healthy if you are in music for yourself and for the fun or art of it. I think if you come into music today with the intention fully live off of it, you may be in for some rough waters. Well, what more can I say, check me out, babe! -or feel free to drop me a line on twitter!


The music of ddespair is built upon three things; A driving synth, a significant sfx within the drum track, and a short stature. (or duration of song) A fourth can be found in her favorite phrases, “Hi there, my name is ddespair!” “it’s the buggin sugarcrisp!” and others.
While Pop is her mainstay, ddespair has no problems delving in to darker sounds and classical scoring. (It is a secret dream of hers to someday score a film based on the Punic Wars)
ddespair does not consider herself a singer, nor really a performer, though she does enjoy making music videos! While she is fine with the use of sampling/covering/arranging she does not to utilize previous music in her own works and prefers to compose her work from the ground up.
ddespair considers herself a composer and not a singer/songwriter and she does her best to distance herself from the latters. She would rather whisper, boast or merely saunter over her music. Her character is that of an aspiring British Pop singer who has lived in America for quite some time and is losing her accent authenticity.


ddespair’s number one cause is the plight of crossdressing. That people should be able to dress without particular pressure or loyalty to any gender. Just as importantly, that it should not be assumed that crossdressing implies other activities or beliefs often associated with the act.


I’m currently working on my debut album, Victorian Summer, and I hope to one day raise enough money to record it professionally and release it in time for Summer of 2016! If that doesn’t happen, baby, I’ll finish it up in my basement apartment!!



Why this name?
Well, I thought the name was delightfully ironic. Like, I sing uptempo stuff, but the name is so down-tempo. I did it to play on the sometimes over-serious nature of life. Like, pick your battles, man! It’s gonna be ok if you don’t fret over it! Gosh!
Do you play live?
I don’t perform live yet, but I’m-ah workin’ on it!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Everyone can make music. Whether that is good or bad form a quality control point of view is up for debate, but in terms of expression and freedom, I’m all for it, dude!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I guess, if they threw enough $$$ at me. But I’d have to be having fun.
Your influences?
Bach, Martin Page, Mannie Fresh, Nana Mouskouri, it’s a nice variety!
Favorite spot?
Washington DC, duh! Mostly the Brookland area. BusBoys and Poets, whaaaattt?!!
Equipment used:
Sonar, Reason, some other stuff. 😛
Anything else…?
Uhhhmm, I hope you like my flimflam!